Saturday // August 28
Rumpus In Bumpass

The MacDougall House

3:00 pm until...



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THE COOLEST End of Summer Party!

In our 16th year, we are excited to welcome you to our home in Holly Grove.  Our annual Yard Party is the highlight of our summer, and we hope your family will come out and play with us!

We'll start around 3:00pm, but don't hesitate to come later - we're here all night!

About Our Venue

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What can I bring?

Yourself and your nice friends.  We'll have plenty to drink, but we never turn down alcohol!  Bring a bag chair.  If you're musical, bring your instrument - Daphne loves to sing.  And an overnight bag if you like.  Tents are welcome!

2.  Who am I?  Can I come?

If we don't know you and you have found this wonderful event through the magic of Google or Facebook, we welcome you as long as you are nice and friendly and know at least someone we know.  Gifts of alcohol are also helpful. 

3.What about my kids/dogs?

This is a family event!  There are lots of games and friends to play with.  Friendly dogs are welcome, but you'll have to keep up with them, and they have to stay outside.

4. What if it rains?

It won't rain.  However, if the improbable happens, you still need to come.  We will have big canopy tents outside our patio and a big house with plenty to do.  We're creative.

5. I'm a loser and I can't make it this year because of previous plans that now look lame in comparison to the Rumpus.  When's the next one?!

This is an annual event. Don't make the same mistake next year!